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Grizzly Bears Roar In New Trailer For Disneynature's Bears

Bears are awesome. Just ask Dwight Schrute of The Office. Or watch the second half of the video above, which announces Disneynature's intentions to feature bears - or more specifically grizzly bears - in their next feature film endeavor. And in the tradition of the Disney offshoot, this one is lined up to make its debut on Earth Day of 2014, which is technically Tuesday April 22, though Yahoo has the actual release date set for April 18, which would make more sense, being a Friday and all.

As the video reminds us, Disneynature brought us Earth, Oceans, African Cats and Chimpanzee. Coming up, we have adorable snuggly looking, furry, ferociously roaring grizzly bears to anticipate next year. The trailer promises to transport us to the remote shores of the Alaskan wild where we'll be treated to an emotional story with a stunning yet intimate look at the lives of grizzly bear families. Sounds intriguing, even for those of us who are only casually interested in bears. Between watching the bears work together to hunt for food and attempt to avoid harm from predators (wolves among them), and the opportunity to see how Disneynature presents the great state of Alaska, this sounds like something to look forward to.

The first half of the video reminds us that every ticket purchased opening week to see a Disneynature film, a portion of each ticket goes toward "special programs" coordinated by the Disney Worldwide Conservation fund. So, for friends of animals, there's even more incentive to catch Bears in theaters when it debuts next year.