How Laura Dern Might Connect to Oscar Isaac In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Not content to be popular in a world filled with dinosaurs, Laura Dern is jumping over to a galaxy far, far away later this year for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Like fellow newcomers Benicio del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran, no official details have been released about who Dern is playing in Episode VIII, but unofficial reports have depicted her as an unusually-dressed who is a high-ranking member of The Resistance. The latest report on how Dern's character fits into the next Star Wars installment not only gives us a possible name to work with, but also delves deeper into her supposed feud with Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron, pilot extraordinaire who we met in The Force Awakens.

Laura Dern's Star Wars: The Last Jedi character is reportedly named Admiral Holdo, though it's possible that this could be a cover identity used during production. Regardless, her appearance is described as being straight out of the Prequel-era Star Wars movies, such as wearing a long mauve regal gown, metallic braces around her wrists, curled pink hair, etc. Regarding her dynamic with Poe Dameron, Making Star Wars says that Holdo will be his "nemesis" in The Last Jedi thanks to his new position as leader of The Resistance fleet, which will see him flying around in a spruced-up X-Wing. It sounds like Holdo has a difference in opinion in how The Resistance should be taking the fight to The First Order, which, as the article notes, could see a "divided Resistance thanks to her inclusion." As for what "Holdo" brings to the table, she's apparently provided ships that rock ball turrets like the Republic gunships from Attack of the Clones did.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, there wasn't really any in-fighting seen among members of the Rebellion. When we saw the main characters alongside other high-ranking Rebels, usually they were in agreement about how operations would be carried out, with some minor exceptions (like when Admiral Ackbar and Lando Calrissian disagreed about if their forces should retreat when trying to attack the surprisingly-operational second Death Star). If this report is true, the new Star Wars trilogy going down a different path by showing where the divide in The Resistance is. Great minds don't always think alike.

Even though this Admiral Holdo and Poe Dameron are both keen on defeating the Resistance like their allies, they'll be frequently clashing about what the right way is to go about doing it. Obviously things were going tobecome more complicated for The Resistance after they successfully destroyed Starkiller Base, but if Holdo and Poe are going to be at each other's throats to the degree that's being implied, then I can't help but wonder if this will ultimately lead to a major setback for The Resistance's goals, be it in The Last Jedi or even Episode IX.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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