The Best Action Scene In The Fast And Furious Franchise, According To The Producer

Fast Five Vault scene

The Fast and Furious franchise is known for each successive entry trying to outdo the action of the predecessor, but which is truly the best scene in the series? The producer has his pick. Neal Moritz, the man behind the over the top auto action series doesn't think that recent sequels have been able to outperform Fast _Five_, because that's the movie where our two heroes drag a massive vault full of cash through the streets. To him, that's the best action scene not simply in this series, but in movies in general. Moritz says...

The action sequence of pulling the vault through the streets. I personally don't think there's a better action sequence in any movie to that. I mean, to me, it's my favorite action sequence in any of the Fast movies.

We have to say, it's not a bad choice. Many around CinemaBlend would probably agree with Neal Moritz comments to Uproxx. As utterly insane as the sequence is, it's a lot of fun to watch. Dom and Brian (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) have their cars hooked up by heavy duty cables to a massive vault and first pull it from the wall with nothing put pure horsepower. From there, they drag it through the streets while being chased by, it seems like the entire city. They speed and slide through the streets. The vault's sheer size means that it just takes down everything it touches. Occasionally our heroes even swing it around, intentionally using it as a weapon against approaching police cars. It's insane. Check it out in the clip below.

For Neal Mortiz it seems that the main reason he thinks it's the best action scene is that it really happened. The Fast and Furious movies do their part to make as much of their action through practical effects as possible. While certainly movie magic was still needed to make the sequence work, they really did have cars pulling the vault through the streets of Puerto Rico. According to the producer...

I remember standing on the streets of Puerto Rico as we were ripping that thing through the streets. To me, that was the height of like, wow, you could really do something like this real. And it was kind of our mantra going forward: we're going to try and do everything real. And I think it made a big difference.

While digital effects have come a long way in making the impossible look real, they're still no replacement for the real thing whenever it can be done. We're certainly curious to see if The Fate of the Furious will have anything to top the vault scene. We'll find out when it arrives in early preview screenings tonight before its wide release tomorrow.

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