A New Labyrinth Movie Is Being Made, Here's What We Know

David Bowie Labyrinth Poster

Revisiting a cult classic is always a dicey venture for filmmakers. It's important to honor the legacy of the original film, but it's also necessary to branch out and try something new that creates its own sense of identity. One such movie that people have discussed updating for years is Jim Henson's Labyrinth, and while most attempts to address the legendary movie have failed to get off the ground, it now seems that director Fede Alvarez is now ready to try his hand at the beloved fantasy tale.

A new report from Deadline says that Don't Breathe filmmaker Fede Alvarez has officially been tapped to helm a new film in the Labyrinth universe -- with screenwriter Jay Basu set to pen the movie's script. Before you get too concerned over the "blasphemy" of a new Labyrinth project, it's worth mentioning that this project is not intended to be a remake of the original 1986 film. Instead of treading back into familiar territory, the new film will tell an entirely new story set within the confines of a recognizable world. It is less of a sequel or a full blown remake, and more of a spin-off.

That basic description for the new Labyrinth movie weirdly makes it clear that Fede Alvarez is the right person for this type of job. Between his work the most recent Evil Dead movie, as well as his newly announced involvement on The Girl In The Spider's Web, he's shown that he doesn't have a problem trying to delve into an established world without stepping on the toes of other filmmakers. This will (if all goes according to plan) allow the new Labyrinth to carve out a sense of individuality for itself while hopefully still welcoming in old fans of the classic. It's potentially the best of both worlds. That is something that the greatest blockbuster franchises have managed to figure out in recent years: don't directly adapt or recreate something; just recognize what people enjoy and find ways to enhance.

Although the original Labyrinth was not a box office smash when it debuted in theaters back in 1986, it garnered generally strong reviews from critics and has gone on to develop a devout fanbase. The movie is considered by many to be a truly great installment of the fantasy genre, and David Bowie's performance as Jareth The Goblin King is regularly held up as one of the finest roles of the late musician's career.

We will bring you any and all relevant information pertaining to the upcoming Labyrinth movie as more details become available to us. The film is in development and will begin production once Fede Alvarez and Jay Basu have completed their work on 2018's The Girl In The Spider's Web.

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