Through the grace of Rian Johnson, Lucasfilm and everyone involved with the planning of Star Wars: Celebration Orlando, we got our first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi today through its new teaser trailer. And as per usual for the legendary sci-fi franchise, it only took a little over two minutes of footage to get hearts racing and minds spinning over what's going to take place in writer/director Rian Johnson's sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In particular, there are eight pretty big moments that we caught sight of, and feel will define Star Wars: The Last Jedi's tone and story. If you're as curious as us, feel free to read along and make any sorts of observations of your own in the comments section, as it's a long road to December 15.

Rey Has Force Powers

As any good Force user will tell you, levitating objects is basically a rite of passage in the ways of The Force. While we're not seeing huge boulders being lifted into the air, or any X-Wings for that matter, the mental lifting of some light rocks is still a big step for the former scavenger of Jakku. Not only does it mirror Luke's experiences training with Master Yoda, it's a signal of greater things to come. Lightsabers and mind tricks were only the start of this young apprentice's development.

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