How Mark Hamill Feels About Luke Not Getting A Reunion With Han In The Force Awakens

Luke in The Force Awakens

This is a particularly exciting weekend for Star Wars fans. With the annual Star Wars Celebration happening this weekend, all sorts of new information and footage are being devoured by the franchise's generations of fans. We've been given the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, its outstanding poster, as well as a spankin' new character being introduced in the upcoming sequel. But with most of the cast and crew assembled at various events this weekend, there should be plenty more Star Wars goodness coming down the pipeline in the next few days. And one member of the cast who always delivers is none other than Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Mark Hamill recently spoke to Fandango's Erik Davis about The Force Awakens. More specifically, how he didn't get to interact with Han Solo before his tragic death. After confirming his disappointment with the lack of Han/Luke time, Hamill offered his own version of how the reunion should go down, saying:

Absolutely. In fact, I was reading and thought if Leia is trying to mentally contact me and she's not successful, she'll rush to his aid. She'll get close to him and then get into some dire situation and THAT'S when I show up for a big 'yay'. Save her life, then we rush to Han and are in the same position that Rey and Finn and Chewie are in. Too late to save him, but witnesses. Because it would carry so much emotional resonance into the next film. For us: his wife, his best friend to witness. Instead of two characters that have known him, what, 20 minutes? Well, Chewie. I thought that was a great missed opportunity.

Holy fan theory. Let's talk about Mark Hamill's (kinda amazing) version of The Force Awakens' climax.

Perhaps the biggest gripe that fans had with Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the utter lack of Luke Skywalker. The OG Star Wars fans waited for decades to see a fully grown Luke, so the glorified cameo was a point of contention. And apparently Mark Hamill feels the same way about his lack of screen time and closure- specifically when it comes to Han.

The ending proposed by Mark Hamill actually sounds pretty great, and would allow both Hamill and Carrie Fisher's roles to be expanded. And having Luke and Leia witness Han Solo's death would have given the smuggler a better sendoff. Han's death was a deliberately grim moment for the franchise, but Leia's didn't get any scene of note to truly grieve. We saw her sense his death and she got that controversial hug with Rey, but I could have used more of Leia's grieving experience seen onscreen. And what better way than with her brother?

See Mark Hamill's enthusiastic telling of his Force Awakens ending below.

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You can catch Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Last Jedi starting December 15th, 2017. Check out our full 2017 premiere list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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