Brie Larson Could Totally Star In The Live Action Snow White Adaptation

Brie Larson Snow White Disney

Over the course of the last few years, Disney has seen great success by diving back into its well of classic properties and modernizing beloved fairy tales for contemporary audiences. The studio has done it with Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and several others, and Snow White is on the agenda with the development of Red Rose. Now, it seems like the film may finally be looking at an actress to take on the role of its central princess, as Room star Brie Larson is reportedly in talks for the role of Snow White.

This information comes to us courtesy of Disney Film Facts, which reports that Disney is currently looking at Brie Larson for Snow White in Red Rose. Little is known about the project's status, as a release date and production schedule has yet to be revealed (which makes sense, as Brie Larson is currently in the thick of Captain Marvel's production), but Larson's casting could go a long way towards informing the overall shape of the film. Moreover, Red Rose's latest screenplay draft was written by Kristin Gore, and it looks like Disney is currently on the lookout for a filmmaker to step into the director's chair and take control of the project's development.

Like many of Disney's recent and upcoming live action adaptations of its older properties, it sounds like Red Rose is going to put a clear spin on the Snow White source material. The film will reportedly take place after Snow White's encounter with the poisonous apple. From there, Snow White's sister, Red Rose (no word on who will play her yet), embarks on her quest to find the Seven Dwarves and save her sister.

Red Rose is only the latest in a long line of live-action movies to take a crack at the Snow White mythology. In fact, this film will come on the heels of Universal's recent Snow White and The Huntsman series (which shares no true narrative connection), which featured Brie Larson's Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star Chris Hemsworth as the titular Huntsman. Of course, with such a unique take and an Oscar-winner coming onboard, we will have to see what happens with Red Rose as it continues to develop.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant updates related to Disney's upcoming live-action Snow White movie as more information related to Red Rose becomes available to us. Stay tuned for more details, and make sure to watch out for Brie Larson's next collaboration with the folks at Disney when Captain Marvel premieres in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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