Star Wars: Watch Rosario Dawson Campaign To Play Ahsoka In Live-Action

The lineup for Star Wars films gets bigger and bigger, which means there are even more opportunities for familiar characters to appear on the silver screen. Of those characters, Ahsoka Tano's name pops up quite a bit, with fans hoping that she can one day make the jump from animation to live-action. Whether Disney and Lucasfilm have any plans for that is unknown, but should that day ever come, Rosario Dawson wants her name at the top of the potential actor's list. Dawson further supported her campaign during an appearance on Good Morning America, to make it clear she is all in.

Rosario Dawson was on _Good Morning America ___recently, where she found a way to bring up her desire to play Ahsoka Tano in a future _Star Wars_ movie. Dawson has been in full support of an internet campaign to get her to play the character, and she told the hosts of GMA that it would be "amazing" to play Ahsoka, while they nodded and pretended to know who that was.

GMA co-host Michael Strahan made the point that Star Wars follows Rosario Dawson on Twitter, which apparently they don't just do for anyone. "I know!" she exclaimed with her fingers crossed, "I think it's a good sign! Internet help me out!" You can't deny that Dawson really wants to join Star Wars, so hopefully Disney has been listening. It should also be noted that Disney owns ABC, the home of Good Morning America, so maybe it isn't a coincidence that Dawson chose this particular show to bring up her campaign for the character.

The campaign for Rosario Dawson to play Ahsoka Tano has been going up for a few months now. It picked up real steam when noted graphic artist Boss Logic sketched up what Dawson would look as a live-action version of the character -- which Dawson was probably happy with.

Ahsoka Tano is a character who was first introduced on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon as the padawan of Anakin Skywalker. This drew criticism from fans who felt her character was being tacked on to the show, seeing as how it was never previously mentioned that Anakin had a padawan. Plus, she was really annoying at first. However, Ahsoka came into her own as the show went on, and she rose up to be a beloved character -- enough for people to want to see more of her. She later appeared in Star Wars Rebels, where she had a climactic showdown with her former master, now Darth Vader. Her fate was left up in the air, but there's definitely room for Ahsoka to show up in a movie. What that project would be though is anyone's guess.

Even if Rosario Dawson doesn't get the part, it would still be pretty cool to see Ahsoka make her movie debut.

It might not be Star Wars, but you can watch Dawson in literally every Marvel Netflix show, including the upcoming The Defenders.

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