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The following story contains potential SPOILERS for Alien: Covenant. Read at your own risk.

Movie spoilers can come from literally anywhere, bu more and more, they seem to be coming from the area of toys and collectibles. These items need to be produced well in advance of the film in order to be available alongside the project and that often means that the creators need information about the movie that isn't publicly available. Such is the case with the new Funko Pop line being released for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. The model designed for Billy Crudup's character Oram would seem to imply that the ship's captain may not survive very far into the new film. Check it out.

In the first trailers for Alien: Covenant we see Billy Crudup investigating the pods that the alien eggs hatch in, just before one of the creatures leaps up and goes for his face. However, it's one thing to show that a character is going to have to deal with a face hugger, and quite another to make that the central focus of his toy. With the face hugger attached to Orem on the Funko Pop toy, and even on the image on the box, it's clear that these two life forms are strongly linked in the film. We assumed that Billy Crudup would probably survive for at least a significant period of Alien: Covenant, he's one of the bigger names in the film, but now it would appear that's probably not the case.

Alien: Covenant has a significantly larger cast than your average Alien movie. The premise of the story is that several couples are making the journey to a new planet in order to colonize it. Of course, since this is an Alien movie, more people really just means more victims. We're not expecting many people to survive the new film, in fact, since Covenant is a prequel story, and we know nothing about any of these characters in the later movies, it's possible Alien: Covenant could go the same route as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and kill off literally everybody.

This isn't the first time that toys have given away aspects of movies. The toy line designed for the new Ghostbusters movie revealed how that movie would end before it ever came out. Funko Pop themselves have been guilty of spilling the beans before, as they advertised a Giant Man figure as part of their Captain America: Civil War collection and gave away one of the most exciting parts of that film. This isn't quite the same level of spoiler as those, but it does imply that the scene of Billy Crudup's character being attacked may be the last time we see his face.