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We've known for a while that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has agreed to star in The Jungle Cruise, sometime between all the other projects he is currently involved with. While The Jungle Cruise currently only has Dwayne Johnson attached to the project, he recently revealed there is one person he wants to work with on the movie: Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Here's what The Rock had to say:

Patty has that really cool edge... I felt like she could be a really cool choice for a movie likeJungle Cruise. Plus, you know what? I'm just a big fan.

Most people haven't even seen Wonder Woman yet, but Dwayne Johnson knows enough about Patty Jenkins' work, perhaps with DC or Monster or even with The Killing pilot to proclaim she's a lady he'd like to work with. Or moreso, be bossed around by. Per what he told AP's The Big Story, he'd really like to woo the director for his upcoming movie, which only recently seemed to be getting off the ground.

Dwayne Johnson was attached to The Jungle Cruise way back in 2015, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that we learned the movie was finally moving forward. Apparently, the draft for the movie went through a lot of rewrites, but the powers that be at Disney finally feel like the script is in a place where the rest of the movie can come together. Now, all it really needs to do is sign on the rest of the cast and find a director. But it looks like Dwayne Johnson already has his sights set on Patty Jenkins. It could be in the nick of time, too, as we already know The Rock is looking to tackle The Jungle Cruise soon, even before projects like San Andreas 2, so that the movie can be released fairly early in 2018.

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Obviously, Dwayne Johnson saying he wants something is not the same thing as Dwayne Johnson actually getting something, but the actor is affable and a hard worker, which probably counts for something with many directors. He's even started researching the movie already. The scheduling could line up, too, as Patty Jenkins doesn't have anything immediate scheduled after Wonder Woman press stuff is over. (Unlike Johnson, who hops from movie project to movie project and still manages to find time to film an HBO TV series.)

As a producer, Dwayne Johnson has a lot more invested in The Jungle Cruise than the average movie, so it definitely doesn't hurt for him to throw the name of the director of his dreams out there. We'll let you know once the movie does start attaching more people, as well as what Ms. Jenkins' next movie is. For now, you can catch Wonder Woman when it hits theaters on June 2 and Dwayne Johnson's next vehicle Baywatch when it premieres on May 25, 2017. Here's the full list of upcoming move releases.

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