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Dwayne Johnson is an especially busy man these days. He's set to be a part of a slew of huge upcoming movies, including Baywatch, Jumanji and more. His work on Disney's the Jungle Cruise is still in the early stages, but the actor is not one to half ass anything. He's already doing research for the upcoming movie, and this weekend, Disney actually let Johnson into its famed vault to look at all of the early concept work for the original Disneyland ride. Take a look at his Instagram image, below.

Normally a look at a bunch of file cabinets would not be all that exciting, but you aren't looking at any file cabinets, here. Instead you are looking at The Rock, and some really cool vintage artwork for the Jungle Cruise, which is on the stand and also lining the walls. The Instagram photo comes just a short while after Dwayne Johnson actually made his way over to Disneyland, to actually ride the Jungle Cruise and listen to the goofy joke-laden spiel of the person running the ride. He's an actor on a mission to get a feel for his upcoming movie, which reportedly has a script at this point.

In the post, Dwayne Johnson also revealed something interesting about the original take on the ride, which was supposed to be more like the experience that Disney fans can now get at animal kingdom:

From the 1950's concept art behind me, was original titled JUNGLE RIVER and meant to be enjoyed with LIVE ANIMALS at Animal Kingdom. Which as we all know, animals that live in and near an African river ain't playin' that game.

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Assumedly, the Jungle Cruise movie will be much closer to the concept of the original ride and will feature real animals rather than the statues fans of the ride have enjoyed spotting over the years. We don't know a ton about the movie yet, but Dwayne Johnson is always an actor who hustles, and the fact he's already going to the trouble to get us excited about a movie that doesn't even have a release date yet is super impressive.

The Rock also recently admitted that he will be involved in making changes to the Jungle Cruise rides, presumably based on the movies, so this look at the vault seems to likely be part of the same behind-the-scenes visit. With all of the projects The Rock has in the works, hopefully this one will get off of the ground sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you can take a look at the rest of the projects Disney currently has in the works with our upcoming releases list.