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The Important Way Wonder Woman Is Different From Superman And Batman, According To A Key Producer

Wonder Woman deflecting bullet

Wonder Woman is giving audiences a different kind of superhero movie this June. Not only is it the first entry in the DC Extended Universe to have a super heroine as its main lead (as well as the first female-centric superhero movie since 2005's Elektra), but it's also taking the action back 100 years to World War I. But Diana of Themyscira herself is also unique compared to the other heroes DC Comics has to offer, and in Wonder Woman producer Charles Roven's opinion, the main thing that distinguishes her from fellow Justice Leaguers like Batman and Superman is how determined she is to be a heroic figure right from the get-go.

Charles Roven pointed out that Superman and Batman (and Marvel mainstay Spider-Man) didn't start out wanting to be a protector or seeing themselves as having to fulfill a destiny to keep the innocent safe. Instead, they grow into that role or reluctantly accept it, and at times they might even try to run away from such responsibility at first. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, was raised to be a warrior, and she's determined to use her skills for the greater good right when the opportunity presents itself. As Roven explained to Sci-Fi Now:

But I think Wonder Woman is the only one who starts out saying: 'That's my destiny and I'm going to pursue it and nothing is going to stop me from doing it, not even my mother...' I think her dynamic as a character, the way that she's insistent on making sure her destiny is one she makes for herself. I think that defines her also as being a very different kind of superhero.

Diana's upbringing on Themyscira guaranteed that she'd have the proper combat and weapons expertise to defend herself in battle. But similar to the comics, the Wonder Woman movie will see her venturing off her home not just to escort Steve Trevor home, but to bring an early end to a global conflict, and that's despite the wishes of her mother, Hippolyta. Diana knows that she's meant to use her abilities to help the world and trail blaze her own path. As a contrast, Superman and Batman didn't grow up wanting to be heroes. Circumstances beyond their control, whether it was being born with special alien powers or seeing their parents killed in front of them, pushed them to travel down the heroic path, albeit with alternative approaches to taking on evil.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, and when Justice League arrives on November 17, we'll see Diana take the next step forward in her superhero career when she helps Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg battle Steppenwolf and his Parademon army. Don't forget to also look at our 2017 movie schedule to find out when this year's other big blockbusters are coming out.

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