How Strong Ben Affleck's Batman Actually Is

Unlike his fellow Justice Leaguers in the DC Extended Universe, Batman doesn't have any superpowers, but compared to the rest of humanity, Gotham City's protector is a near perfect specimen. Aside from being one of the smartest men in the world, Bruce Wayne is impressively strong, having kept his body in proper shape for years. Even in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, two decades after his crusade against crime began in this universe, he's still a powerhouse. Now one fan has crunched the numbers and determined that a normal punch from Ben Affleck's Batman generates approximately 49 pounds of force. You can watch the video below to learn how he came to that answer.

In case you don't have the spare time or mental know-how to calculate Batman's strength levels, the YouTube account Comic Books vs. The World has you covered. Looking at Batman v Superman's warehouse scene (specifically where Batman punched a guy's face straight into the floor), the YouTuber calculated that the mass of the superhero's arm is about 7.3 pounds, or 3.3 kilograms. From there, he he determined that the acceleration of Batman's punch is 66.7 m/s^2. Multiplying that number by 3.3, the final answer came to 220.11 newtons of force, which equals roughly 49 pounds. It's pretty good, but this Batman is nowhere near Ivan Drago's level.

But the strength figures don't end there. In both the present-day Batman v Superman scenes and the ones taking place in the Knightmare, Batman was shown to be able to snap necks and break arms easily. The neck-snapping requires 337 pounds of force on the average U.S. man, while the arm breaking requires generating approximately 21.755.7 psi. Then we come to Bruce Wayne's training montage in the Batcave, where he was seen pushing 360 pounds, doing pull-ups with 180 pounds of additional weight attached to his body and lifting a barbell weighing about 764 pounds, which includes the bar itself.

All of this accounts for Batman when he's either dressed normally or wearing the traditional Batsuit, but what about when he was wearing that Dark Knight Returns-style armor in his fight with Superman? Well, as previously revealed in a Batman v Superman special feature, one of those armored punches came to 1,420 pounds of force. By taking that number and dividing it by the 49 pounds of force from earlier, the YouTuber determined out that Batman's armor makes him 28 times stronger.

When it comes to the aliens, "gods" and other enhanced individuals walking on Earth in the DCEU, Batman is at a disadvantage, but with these strength figures, along with his high intelligence and access to cool gadgets, this proves yet again that the Dark Knight is not to be trifled with, even if you do have powers. You can see Batman punch more bad guys, both human and alien, when Justice League is released on November 17.

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