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The Guardians of the Galaxy have returned to theaters, but if you want to continue your galactic experience with the team after you've seen the movie three or four times, your opportunity is almost here. The first teaser for the New Disneyland attraction Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout is here and it shows our old pal Rocket hacking into a Disneyland commercial to ask you for help. Check it out.

If you saw this ad on television, and we're guessing that you will, it would start out like almost every Disney theme park commercial you've ever seen, happy families enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth. However, there are some in the park who are not happy, as Rocket breaks into the feed to and gives us the basic setup of the new ride. The Guardians of the Galaxy have become part of The Collectors collection and Rocket needs help getting them out, likely because he's having his own difficulties as we see at the end of the clip.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout is the first full theme park ride based on a Marvel property to become part of a Disney Park in North America, following an Iron man Experience that opened earlier this year in Hong Kong. Mission: Breakout has taken over the space of what used to be the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror inside Disney's California Adventure and while the basic ride has remained the same, a quickly rising and falling elevator car, everything else has been changed to reflect the new Marvel theme.

While there's plenty of criticism that one can leverage at Disney as they purchase every major segment of pop culture one at a time, one of the upsides is that the company is able to keep everything together so that the theme park experience feels like it's part of the movie universe. That is Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket in the ad, just as he does in the films, and we know the entire cast of the films, as well as director James Gunn, was involved in helping to create the ride experience. While the story of the ride may not be part of the MCU canon, we also can't be 100% certain that it isn't.

The current word on Main Street U.S.A., though it hasn't been officially confirmed, is that Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout will only be the first of several Marvel experiences brought to Disney's California Adventure. The apparent plan is to construct an entirely new land dedicated to Marvel that this new ride will become part of. If true, construction will begin sometime after the completion of the current Star Wars Land project.

If you make a trip down to Disneyland this summer to check out the new ride make sure you give yourself enough time to hit it multiple times, as the ride is set to randomly give different experiences. I have little doubt that the ride will be worth taking more than once.

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