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The Very Honest Aliens Trailer Pokes Fun At No One Listening To Ripley And More

Aliens is rightfully regarded as one of the greatest sequels ever made, an honor that it regularly duels for with The Godfather: Part II and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. However, that doesn't mean that it's above being lampooned and chastised by Honest Trailers, something that, with the release of Alien: Covenant on the horizon, the film has now been subjected to. You can check out the hilarious take on the blockbuster by watching below.

Poor old Ripley, it's genuinely infuriating that the rest of the Aliens team almost seems to take pride in ignoring her. Despite the fact that she was the only survivor of the Nostromo when it was ransacked by a Xenomorph everyone decides to tell her to shut-up on a regular basis. By the end of the film she isn't just able to save herself, but she's also able to keep Newt safe and sound, too, all while destroying the queen alien by taking control of the exosuit cargo-loader and then expelling it out of an airlock. No wonder all of our dads, and I mean all of them, had such a huge crush on her.

But how did James Cameron make sure that Aliens wasn't just able to rival Ridley Scott's seminal original, but, in the mind of some people, even top it? That's easy, he made it plural. A ploy that also included making sure it was just bigger in pretty much every regard, too, and had more yelling, more banging, and enough explosions to give moviegoers tinnitus. Unfortunately, subsequent directors decided that this was the necessary path to follow when it came to sequels, without taking into account the fact that Aliens works so damn well because it turned a horror film into a war film.

It also helped that it took many of the coolest aspects of the original Alien film, including the exact same ending, and incorporated them into Aliens, while at the same time upping the ante, too. But as the trailer points out, it's not all quite so faultless. While Alien presented the Xenomorph as the perfect killing machine, and a creature that has almost no weaknesses, the creatures are a little bit more fallible in the follow-up. Not only are the film's unfit and ill-disciplined military crew able to mow plenty of them down, but some of them are killed by handguns and the Queen is even indisposed by a slow robot punch, too. Thankfully Ripley's emphatic use of the swear "bitch" papers over this specific cracks, though.

Audiences will finally get to see whether or not Sir Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant can top James Cameron's audacious sequel when it is released at the end of this week. You can read my review for Alien: Covenant here, while those of you looking for something else to check out at the cinema over the next few months should read CinemaBlend's full 2017 movie schedule to see what's due out before the end of the year.