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The next Star Wars movie is set for release later this year, but with the 2018 franchise entry currently filming, there's news to be had about that film as well. The as yet untitled Han Solo movie recently did a bit of filming at a decommissioned power plant in the UK, which meant filming was slightly more accessible than it is at Pinewood Studios. One eagle-eyed fan got some shots, at a distance, of one of the new vehicles that has been rumored to be part of the movie, Han Solo's personal podcar. Check it out below.

Han Solo podcar

The video had to be taken from behind a fence, closed set and all that, and once the car begins to move, being towed by a truck, the side is also obscured by a camera car moving alongside it, making it impossible to see. The video was given to Making Star Wars who posted it, surmising that this is the vehicle that rumors surfaced about a couple of days ago. It looks to resemble Luke Skywalker's landspeeder that he drives on Tatooine, though MSW refers to it as a podcar. It's got the same sort of windscreen and a generally similar shape to the classic landspeeder. A second source spoke to somebody who claimed that they appeared to be filming some sort of drag race, with "odd-looking vehicles."

A drag race would seem to imply that there were multiple similar cars driving around together, making this sound a bit more like pod racing than simply using the vehicle for transportation, though the video that is here would seem to show only one vehicle being filmed. It certainly wouldn't be surprising to see a young Han Solo engaging in a little drag racing. It exactly the sort of the thing we'd expect out of an eventual smuggler, in the days before he had a ship capable of smuggling anything. He's got to make his money somehow.

There was a bit of smoke on the set that the podcar drove through, but beyond that, the filming was done on a road outside the old power plant. We fully expect that when he finally see this moment in the film, it will look like anything but the gray power plant that we see here. Digital effects will likely transform the entire set into some alien planet.

This isn't much to sink our teeth into but considering how much secrecy surrounds the filming of these new Star Wars movies, we're honestly a bit surprised we got this much. The Han Solo movie is set for release in may of 2018, after Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives this December.

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