Fair warning: lots of spoilers for Alien: Covenant follow in this article, so come back once you've seen the movie and still have questions (or just keep reading now).

Alien: Covenant hit theaters last weekend and the verdict is in: it's just as divisive a film as its predecessor, Prometheus, was back in 2012. There are a couple of reasons for this, but chief among them might be that Covenant shares Prometheus' habit of teasing questions without ever providing the answers. Alien: Covenant is a film filled with baffling choices from its human characters, as well as having David, the single most complicated character in the whole franchise.

Chances are, you left the theater scratching your head at some of the events of Alien: Covenant. The movie may have given fans the xenomorph action they wanted, but this was a Prometheus sequel through and through. Well, we had a bunch of questions rumbling around in our heads after the movie and we've collected some of the bigger ones that Alien: Covenant opts to leave hanging in the air. Not everything has to be answered, but some clarification on a few of these would be nice.

Who Is The Dead Engineer On LV-426?

Alien: Covenant scooched just a tiny bit closer to the first Alien, but it makes no attempts to explain the mysterious circumstances of LV-426. In Alien, LV-426 is the planet where the crew of the Nostromo first found the alien eggs that eventually gave birth to a xenomorph. The crew follows what they believe to be a distress call to LV-426 where they discover a massive ship of unknown origin. Inside the ship, they find a giant fossilized body with what looks like an exploded rib cage. Thanks to Prometheus, we now know this was the body of an Engineer (a race of beings that created humans), but we still have no idea how it got there, what it was doing, and what exactly happened to it. Certain events in Alien: Covenant make this even more confusing, which we'll get into in a bit.

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