The Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise has been running for five films, and while it may or may not be over now, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a good place to wrap up the franchise. Storylines are wrapped with no obvious future direction, so if this is the end, then it's the right time to look back on the franchise as a whole.

The first film surprised everybody with just how damn good it really was, and while none of the sequels have quite lived up to the magic of the original, there is one thing that we can agree that every film provided: some great swashbuckling action. Every film has at least one great action sequence that's worth seeing. Here they are, the most badass moments from each of the five Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The Wedding

The battle at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is absolutely massive, combining ship-to-ship combat and multiple sword fights going on all at once. The highlight of the entire battle, however, has to be the random wedding that takes place in the middle of it. Will and Elizabeth finally get over themselves and admit that they still love each other. Knowing that either of them could die at any moment, they ask Barbossa, as a ship's captain, to marry them. While there is certainly humor in the juxtaposition, the moment is played entirely straight. The fight around them is real, but they know they need to do this in case it becomes too late.

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