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Those of you who went to see Wonder Woman in cinemas this week probably noticed that amongst the trailers screened before the hugely anticipated blockbuster was a rather mysterious teaser that seemed to include the beloved comic-book superhero. If you missed the teaser because you were either getting popcorn and soda or trying to sneak in an extra pint before Wonder Woman actually started, you can now check out the enigmatically-entitled Ever Wonder? teaser below.

So what's all that about then? Well, the above is the first quick glimpse at Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, a biopic that revolves around the creation of Diana Princess Of Themyscira. As the above teaser trailer suggests, you can actually head over to to check out a little comic book strip that provides some further background to the film. Once on the website, you also get a clearer look at Luke Evans as Professor William Moulton Marston, who was an American psychologist and inventor that also just so happened to create the superheroine.

William Moulton Marston was inspired to create the character by both his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, who will be played by Rebecca Hall in the film, but also Olive Byrne, the live-in partner of the married couple that was also the mother to two of William Marston's sons, who will be portrayed by Bella Heathcote. Both of these women were the main inspirations for the character of Wonder Woman. As this was the 1940s, though, the trio decided to explain their peculiar situation to people by insisting that Olive was actually Elizabeth's widowed sister. It's safe to say that everyone was happy with the situation, though, because they all lived under the same roof.

Despite their apparent contentment, you can see why this subject matter is so rife for cinematic treatment, especially when you consider that William Moulton Marston had some trepidations about being a comic book writer, as he released the first Wonder Woman stories under a pseudonym.

While there was always going to be some intrigue surrounding such a biopic, those involved in Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, which is being released through Annarpurna Pictures, will be particularly delighted at the stunning box office start by Patty Jenkins' origin story for Wonder Woman, which has already raced to a $225 million haul after just a couple days in theaters. However, we're still in the dark regarding any more details regarding Professor Marston And The Wonder Women, as we don't even have a release date for the film. But in the meantime, you can now head out and support the character by watching Wonder Woman, especially because the film is an absolute delight. If you don't believe me, then just read our review for the fourth DCEU movie.

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