Josh Brolin Went To An 80s Party Dressed As His Character In The Goonies

Josh Brolin is an Oscar-nominated character actor. He has played U.S. presidents, and toplined Coen Brothers masterpieces. He's comfortable in drug-running Oscar bait like Sicario, and is accepted in superhero franchises like The Avengers or Deadpool 2. But to most of us -- if not all of us -- the nearly 50-year-old actor will always be a Goonie, which is why this shot of the actor heading to an 80s-themed costume party is about as good as it gets.

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That's good enough, Josh. As the caption on his Instagram notes, Josh Brolin contemplated going to the party dressed as any number of decade-appropriate icons, from Boy George to a Gremlin, before his wife Kathryn Brolin (also pictured) suggested he embrace his past and bring Brand back to life. The inclusion of the Chest Expander is the ultimate touch, hinting at possibly the most embarrassing moment in Brand's Goonie adventure -- when Chunk laid across his legs and allowed Mikey and Mouth to tie him to a chair so they could run off an find "the rich stuff." You remember how this all played out, don't you? Revisit it now, complete with Cyndi Lauper's catchy-as-hell theme song:

The thing about Josh Brolin, which is truly fantastic, is that he's never shied away from his legacy as a Goonie. The star of such incredible films as No Country for Old Men, Inherent Vice and Milk (the movie for which he landed that Oscar nomination) has embraced the good fortune of being part of Richard Donner's treasure-seeking ensemble, and he proudly wears the slogan of "Goonies never say die." He even hashtags that in the Instagram post.

Josh Brolin's next few films will see him conquering the superhero genre, as he will play the Mighty Thanos in Joe and Anthony Russo's Avengers: Infinity War, due in theaters May 2018. After that, Brolin is bulking up to act alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2, where he'll play the time-traveling mercenary, Cable. We have video of him in the weight room, training to bring Cable to life right here.

As for the Goonies, they are limited to '80s themed costume parties for the time being. Despite a huge push by the cast members and original director Richard Donner, the long-gestating Goonies 2 never got off the ground. And seeing how busy Josh Brolin's schedule has been recently, I'm not sure he could be in it even if t finally materialized. I guess for Goonies fans, this photo will have to be... good enough.

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