How Much Is Gal Gadot Actually Making For Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is the biggest star in the world right now thanks to Wonder Woman. However, while her movie is one of the highest grossing films of the year, how much of that revenue will the actress actually see? The answer is not that much, at least by Hollywood standards. Back in 2014 when Gadot signed her three-picture deal with Warner Bros., it was reported that she would make $300,000 per film.

At first glance, that might not seem like that much of a surprise. Gal Gadot was a relative unknown prior to taking the role of Wonder Woman. She certainly wasn't a "movie star" capable of demanding tens of millions of dollars out of the gate. The problem is that the same thing could be said of Henry Cavill when he signed on to star as Superman in Man of Steel. In the time since that movie came out, rumors swirled that Cavill made around $14 million for his turn as Superman. That would mean there was a huge disparity. Today, however, some sources have come out to debunk that figure and claim he made closer to Gadot's actual salary. Exactly where the truth lies is unclear.

The original report from Variety doesn't include whether or not there are any back-end deals that are part of Gadot's contract. It's probably that she'll receive bonuses based on Wonder Woman's performance, and if she does, there's a good chance she's hitting all those opportunities since Wonder Woman is doing remarkably well both domestically and internationally.

To be fair, Gal Gadot's low payday isn't entirely unheard of. $300,000 is exactly what Chris Evans made to make Captain America: The First Avenger. Also, if Gadot made $300,000 per film it means that she made just as much for her role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was barely more than a cameo, so making $300,000 for that isn't too bad.

Also, while we have no idea what Chris Pine was paid for his role in Wonder Woman, one has to imagine that he made more than $300,000, and it does seem more than a little wrong that he made more money than the star. That's not unheard of either though. While Warner Bros has never confirmed it, sources have claimed Amy Adams made significantly more than Henry Cavill to play Lois Lane in Man Of Steel.

One thing is for sure, while Warner Bros. got Gal Gadot for a steal at first, that's all about to change. Since the initial deal was only for three movies, that means it ends with Justice League later this year. The studio needs to resign Gadot so that she hangs around the DCEU as long as possible, based on the success of Wonder Woman the actress is in the best possible negotiating position. She'll certainly be able to get a much more favorable contract going forward.

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