The Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Who Won’t Return For Avengers: Infinity War

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When we were introduced to Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, we not only got to see a little bit of his heroics caught on tape, we got to meet Marisa Tomei's incarnation of Aunt May. Obviously, we'll be seeing Peter and his aunt again in next week's Spider-Man: Homecoming, but thoughts are already turning towards whether or not she'll be on hand for Avengers: Infinity War. A reporter recently asked Tomei this much in an interview to promote the film, and she gave the following brief status update:

I didn't get my invitation yet.

Now this doesn't sound totally definitive, as there's always time for a quick couple of scenes to be shot during the reshoot phase of Avengers: Infinity War, but with the film's proper production phase entering its final weeks, it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing Peter's guardian and familial rock getting back into the swing of things during the next team-up film. Apologies, if anyone was looking forward to the possibility of Aunt May and Tony Stark possibly exchanging some sparkling banter while Thanos works to complete his quest to consolidate the Infinity Stones into his gauntlet.

Of course, while Marisa Tomei may not be in Avengers: Infinity War, as reported by Comic, she could still possibly be in the follow-up Avengers film set for 2019. All things are possible with the various Infinity Stones that will be in play, and with a potential number of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's starter franchises possibly starting to bow out, there will be more real estate for other characters to take up. Though even if she did get an appearance, we're guessing Aunt May still wouldn't show up for long. So what exactly is the point of bringing Peter Parker's aunt into a film she won't be doing much of anything in?

Well, let's say that Marisa Tomei is asked back for the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War. What sort of role would Aunt May play in the film's narrative? Again, the Infinity Stones could do a lot. They could bring back memories of her life with young Peter and Uncle Ben or allow her to gain some sort of powers that could enable a gigantic fight between her and Thanos himself. Or, more likely, she'd have nothing to do with the Stones, at all. In fact, it's most likely we'll see Tomei in the follow-up to Spider-Man: Homecoming, so while we probably won't see her during the biggest fight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least we have a good feeling she'll escape it all unscathed.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7th, while Avengers: Infinity War won't hit screens until May 4th, 2018.

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