This story contains MASSIVE spoilers for Civil War. If you clicked in here by accident, please back away. The rest of you, enjoy!

It’s very difficult, though not quite impossible, to keep a secret intact in a superhero property these days. And it’s not really because of fans, though social media and comments sections do spoil a great deal of the fun. But studios also share far too much in the marketing materials of major movies like Captain America: Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse, meaning that true surprises are few and far between when we’re actually sitting in a theater.

And yet, even with the media onslaught that preceded Civil War, Joe and Anthony Russo managed to protect a few surprises from the general public, creating a few smiles and had nods from the geek community as the movie barreled through theaters this weekend. Which ones caught our eye? These are the five things we saw in Captain America: Civil War that we sort of expected, but weren’t 100% certain we’d see, and then were delighted when they showed up.

This made sense. Growing large has always been a power in Ant-Man’s arsenal. But we kind of thought director Peyton Reed would have fought to make the amazing visual trick part of his upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp, due in theaters in 2018 (if Reed in fact directs, as we suspect he eventually will). Instead, with Paul Rudd on loan, the Russos decided to trigger Scott Lang’s fantastic power to help catch Team Iron Man by surprise… and limit the progress of War Machine, Vision and Tony Stark, himself.

What did we learn about Giant-Man in the process? He’s not nimble when he’s the size of a skyscraper. And thanks to the movie-watching habits of young Spider-Man (Tom Holland), opponents now know one way to topple Ant-Man when he has grown to incredible heights. Also, Scott needs to keep orange slices on standby. Those are two issues that will have to be addressed when the Ant-Man sequel works its way into the MCU.

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