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The Weird Way The Simpsons Inadvertently Nodded At Joss Whedon Doing Justice League

When you've been on TV for as long as The Simpsons, coming up with ideas that mirror future events is bound to happen now and then, but this show seems to do it with eerie regularity. The most recently unearthed apparent prediction comes with the fact that Joss Whedon has taken over post production directing duties from Zack Snyder for the upcoming Justice League. As the image below shows, the Simpsons saw that coming as well. Check it out.

The image above comes from The Simpsons Season 25 episode "Married to the Blob," (thanks to Reddit for bringing it to our attention) which focuses primarily on the character of "Comic Book Guy." As you can see, Comic Book Guy here is holding up a flier advertising his own comic-con like event, which he calls the Just Us League. The event advertises an appearance by Joss Whedon, though it has been postponed.

While Joss Whedon would be an obvious person to invite to your comic-con, the fact that the event would include him, and apparently nobody else of note, while being named after the Justice League, seems like an odd non-sequitur. In January of 2014, when the episode originally aired, there was no reason to connect Whedon with DC Comics. In 2014 Whedon was still working for the guys on the other side of the fence, as Avengers: Age of Ultron was still over a year away.

Today, however, it all makes sense. After Justice League director Zack Snyder decided to take time off following a family tragedy, Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon, who was already working on a Batgirl movie for the studio, to finish up the work that Snyder had started. Whedon has been making his mark, as well. He's brought in Danny Elfman to score the film, a move which shocked many, as it seemed to imply that Whedon isn't simply following a predetermined path and may be putting his own spin on the material. Scheduled reshoots are getting underway for the film, which could potentially give Whedon even more opportunity to make changes to the existing production.

Of course, now we do have to wonder. The need to change directors has had no impact on the scheduled release date for Justice League, the movie is still expected to come out November 17. However, the "postponed indefinitely" line has us worried that maybe The Simpsons might still have a prediction up their sleeve. That becomes an even better punchline if the movie starts seeing delays. We can only hope that one doesn't become real in the future. That would shift this entire joke out of the realm of funny coincidence and into dire warning territory.

Dirk Libbey

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