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With everything going on behind the scenes of the upcoming Han Solo movie there is one question that everybody needs to have answered. Just what the hell is this movie called? We've been referring to as the "Untitled Han Solo movie" for so long that they might as well put that on the first poster. However, recently, some images of t-shirts being worn by the crew made their way online and they refer to the movie simply as Solo with a blaster pistol in the place of the letter L. So is that the name of the film? Woody Harrelson was recently asked about that and he gave a piece of an answer. According to Harrelson...

Right now that's the temporary name of the movie.

Woody Harrelson's comments came in an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert which was designed to promote the upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes, though obviously, he wasn't going to get out of there without some talk about Star Wars. However, it seems that if we're to believe Harrelson (he wouldn't lie would he?) the logos that we've seen that refer to the film simply as Solo is what you'd call a working title.

It makes sense that they need to call the movie something other than "Untitled Han Solo movie" as that's a mouthful for the cast and crew to be throwing around on a daily basis. They also can't go around using the movie's actual name, as that will almost certainly leak, odds are most of the cast and crew don't even know the film's final title.

If you haven't seen the logo in question, check it out in the image below.

Of course, in looking at the logo it honestly looks pretty cool and the movie could certainly come up with a worse title. We're guessing that the words A Star Wars Story will be attached to the final title, as this movie is considered an anthology film in the same vein as last year's Rogue One, but beyond that, a simple title like Solo: A Star Wars Stroy isn't an unlikely decision. We certainly expect the name of the character to be in there somewhere.

While we're still several months away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Han Solo movie is less than a year away as the movie is holding on to its summer 2018 release date even though there has been a major shake-up behind the scenes with the movie changing directors in the middle of filming. As such, with the movie less than a year away, there's the possibility that an official title, and possibly even early footage could start to show itself. Possibly as early as this weekend's D23 Expo or next weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

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