Following the release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, and looking forward to the upcoming release of Zack Snyder's Justice League, things seem pretty optimistic for DC. There's a wave of good-looking projects on the horizon for the DC slate, and fans appear to have discovered a newfound sense of hope for this increasingly robust silver screen world. However, the concept of a core DCEU timeline was turned on its head recently when it was announced that Warner Bros. and DC might be toying with the possibility of adapting the classic Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son.

The prospect of a Red Son movie materializing within the next few years is an unexpected development for the DCEU, but it's also an idea with a ton of potential. In fact, we would even go so far as to say that this is exactly what DC should be investing in at the moment. On that note, we have put together a list of reasons why Elseworlds stories (a.k.a standalone tales that exist in alternate realities) like Red Son represent a perfect creative direction for Warner Bros. and DC at this stage of the game. There are plenty of advantages to this type of storytelling. And yet, we exist in a world of complex cinematic universes. So let's kick this off with a talk about Elseworlds tales, and their freedom from continuity.

Elseworlds Don't Have To Worry About Continuity

Continuity: eventually it becomes a logistical nightmare for any cinematic universe. However, Elseworlds don't necessarily have to worry about that issue because, by their very nature, they exist in their own respective worlds. In fact, by moving away from the core DC lore, we could see stories like Mark Waid's Kingdom Come -- which centers on a dystopian future in which the "traditional" DC champions return to battle a new generation of heroes. The DCEU likely will always feature a central timeline that moves the main continuity forward, but investing in Elseworlds stories like Kingdom Come could allow the artists to take more risks and experiment with the medium. Characters can die, they can betray each other, and they can operate in ways that we have never seen before.

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