Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. released a huge list of planned DC superhero movies, and while it was great to see so many titles on the way, it's possible this list is creating more questions than answers. While we're excited to see every movie on the list, we're more than a little surprised by a few of the new reveals and even more shocked by the things we didn't see. What exactly is the long term plan for the DCEU?

Following on the success of Wonder Woman, we certainly want to see DC's superhero universe succeed. However, for that to happen, we're going to need these questions answered. Here's every big question we have following the big Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel today.

Will Flashpoint Reset The DCEU?

One of the real surprises on the slate was the apparent plan for a Flashpoint movie. In the comics, the Flash's time travel shenanigans were used to cause a major reset within the DC comics continuity. Is Warner Bros. already planning to reboot the DCEU the same way? If they're not, then what's the point of doing a Flashpoint story in the first place? If they are already planning a reboot, then what does that say about WB's own feelings toward the current franchise? How much effort will they put in to making the rest of the films good if they're already planning the reset.

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