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There are a lot of rumors concerning the upcoming Han Solo movie because there's a lot about the film that we just don't know. However, we can now confirm that at least one of the recent rumors is not true. Recently a convention in Louisville, Kentucky that was scheduled to have Spencer Wilding, the man inside the Darth Vader costume in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as a guest, announced that he would be unable to attend due to filming the new Star Wars movie. Since the only Star Wars movie currently filming is the Han Solo movie, it seemed that Wilding was going to be appearing in it. However, now the actor has come out to kill the rumor and say that his missing the con has nothing to do with filming anything, much less Star Wars. According to Wilding...

[S]o just to let u all no I am 100% not filming on starwars... the comic con promoters of the show put 1on1 together and got 69 lol and they just try to guess y I canceled and came up with that ... so sorry guys defo not true they have removed it of there site now

Spencer Wilding's Facebook post surmises that when he told the convention promoters that he had to cancel, they made the assumption that it was because of Star Wars. The web site for Fandomfest no longer mentions Star Wars as the reason that Wilding had to cancel, however, it does still say that he had to cancel due to filming, which is apparently still not accurate based on what the actor says here. He says he's doing a charity event, not filming anything.

Based on the fact that the convention website still doesn't have an entirely accurate explanation for Spencer Wilding's need to cancel, it would seem that he's on to something when he says organizers jumped to conclusions. It seems strange. Either Wilding told the convention why he couldn't make it or he didn't. If he did, then they clearly knew the truth but posted something else. If he didn't tell them, it's one hell of a leap to connect the cancellation to filming a specific movie. Wilding has filmed numerous TV shows and movies in his career and he's only worked on Star Wars once. Even if you're just playing the odds it's unlikely that the thing that took him away from the event is Star Wars related.

We're glad that Spencer Wilding set the record straight. There will plenty of Star Wars rumors out there so it's frustrating to have to deal with those that are utterly fictional. With the ever expanding Star Wars universe there's a decent chance that we will see Spencer Wilding as Darth Vader again someday, but that day won't come next summer when the Han Solo movie is released.

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