Rogue One's Darth Vader Actor Just Signed On For Another Star Wars Movie

Darth Vader Rogue One

Star Wars is back as a major franchise and as such, that means that many actors have signed multi-movie commitments that will keep them coming back. That doesn't mean there isn't the occasional surprise though, and the newest Star Wars actor returning definitely qualifies as that. Spencer Wilding, who took over the role of Darth Vader from David Prowse for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is reportedly returning to the galaxy far far away for another movie. More specifically, he's filming one right now, and there's really only one movie that could be.

The news comes from the website for Fandomfest in Louisville, Ky. The convention is running this coming weekend, and Spencer Wilding was scheduled to appear. However, the website now lists him under cancellations. The site also gives the reason for the cancellation. It specifically states that he is "filming the newest film in the Star Wars Universe."

Since the Untitled Han Solo movie is currently filming, something that we know is happening considering everything that's been going on with that movie behind the scenes, it would seem that Spencer Wilding has a role in that movie. Of course, this leads one to wonder if that means that Darth Vader will be making an appearance. While the timeline of the movie would certainly allow for a Darth Vader appearance, some sources are reporting that Vader is not the role Wilding will be playing in the film. Since we never actually see the actor's face in Rogue One that certainly opens up the possibility that he could be playing someone or something else. There's no reason he can't and it's likely easier for Lucasfilm to call on somebody the company has worked with before then to bring in somebody new.

Of course, even if Spencer Wilding isn't playing Darth Vader, it doesn't me we won't see the character. Somebody else could certainly play the role in the Han Solo movie. Wilding wasn't even the only person who did the job in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as he was unavailable during the massive reshoots that movie saw. The final scene with Vader slicing his way through rebel troops was actually done by somebody else.

While this is the first we've heard of Spencer Wilding being in the Han Solo movie, that doesn't mean his casting was a late edition. The actor likely planned his attendance at Fandomfest with the full belief that he would be able to attend. Filming for the Han Solo movie was supposed to be over by now. Unfortunately, creative differences led to the original directors leaving and Ron Howard taking over. The delay has resulted in filming that is expected to continue for at least another month or so.

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