The Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Post-Credits Scene That James Gunn Had To Fight To Keep

Adam Warlock

The post-credits scene is a time honored tradition of the MCU and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 went hard into the concept. The sequel had a total of five after-credits scenes to get viewers all the way to the end of the movie. The most talked about of those scenes was the reveal that the long-demanded Adam Warlock was coming, but that important scene almost didn't make it into the movie. CinemaBlend's Eric Eisenberg was told by James Gunn that he had to fight to keep it in the final cut.

I had to fight for Adam in the post-credits sequence. Because I really thought that's where that should go. And I thought one of the main reasons to have the Sovereign in the movie was to give audiences the hint that Adam Warlock is coming. That was one of the reasons for them to exist. And I wrote that post-credits sequence in the first draft of the script. And then there were a lot of questions about whether or not we should put that in there, because people were going to expect Adam Warlock in Infinity War. So one of the things I promised -- which I do all of the time on Twitter -- is letting everyone know that Adam Warlock is not going to be in Avengers 3 or Avengers 4. It's just not going to happen. Because I didn't want people to have false expectations of what they thought was going to happen with Adam.

In the post credit scene, Ayesha, leader of the Sovereign, is overlooking the mechanical cocoon of what she calls "Adam," a being she has created for the sole purpose of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. This is clearly the MCU's version of the origin of Adam Warlock, an important cosmic character who was a key player in big storylines such as The Infinity Gauntlet. It's that association that almost meant he could not appear in the film at all. James Gunn always intended for Adam to be in the scene, but others were worried that people would assume this was setting him up for Avengers: Infinity War (they were correct to worry about this).

Thankfully, James Gunn has always been big in reaching out to his fans on social media and he advocated going for total transparency. He promised to let people know that Adam Warlock would not be in Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4, but was being set up for future Guardians movies. While there are some fans that are no doubt bummed that Adam Warlock won't be showing up for a few more years, at least we know that he IS showing up. His biggest story is probably Infinity Gauntlet (which is the inspiration for Infinity War), but that doesn't mean that Gunn doesn't have something good in the works for those Warlock fans.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is coming out on home release, and it'll be the first Disney movie in 4K! It'll be available in 4K UHD on Digital August 8th and Blu-ray August 22nd.

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