Rather than release a straightforward Flash movie as previously planned, Warner Bros and DC announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month that that project was now being called Flashpoint. Just like in the comics and previous adaptations, the movie will see the Scarlet Speedster himself, Barry Allen, awakening in a twisted version of the DC timeline. The main Flashpoint story is certainly fascinating, but the event is also famous for generating a number of changes and retcons in the DC universe. Depending on how faithful the Flashpoint movie is to the story, similar changes might be forthcoming for the DC Extended Universe.

It's too soon to tell just how the aftermath of Flashpoint will affect the DCEU, but needless to say that this could be a massive game-changer for the franchise. With that in mind, we've come up with some of the ways in which Barry Allen's meddling in time might change reality after the story has concluded, from smaller twists to more radical alterations.

A New Actor Comes In To Play Batman

To be clear, currently there is no official indication that Ben Affleck will be departing the DCEU anytime soon. Rumors may suggest otherwise, but at San Diego Comic-Con, Affleck talked about how much he enjoys playing Batman. That being said, it's not a ridiculous notion that somewhere down the line, Affleck may want to hang up the cape and cowl. Flashpoint is rumored to be aiming for a 2020 release date, and if we assume that Affleck appears in that movie and that The Batman movie comes out beforehand, Affleck will have played Batman in five movies. That's a good run for a superhero actor. So if by that point Affleck decides he wants out, Flashpoint could be the trigger for recasting the Caped hero. That's not to say that a universe-changing event is necessary for hiring a new actor to play Batman. The Joel Schumacher Batman movies switched actors to portray the Dark Knight without making a big fuss about it. Still, it would be interesting if upon undoing Flashpoint, Barry Allen races to the Batcave, and we see a new actor playing Bruce Wayne, but to Barry and everyone else, this is the same face they've always known.

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