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Haunting New IT Art Shows Off A Very Important Story Location

We are all in on the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's classic horror story, IT. We've devoured the trailers. We saw exclusive footage of the adaptation at San Diego Comic-Con. We even spoke with director Andres Muschietti, and took a trip over to the damn Neibolt House in downtown L.A. Basically, September 8 can't get here soon enough, so we have to share exclusive art -- like this haunting print by artist Jeffrey Everett -- while we wait. Seriously, isn't this gorgeous?

Neibolt House print

Gallery 1988 is located in Los Angeles, at 7308 Melrose Avenue. Warner Bros. will be hosting an IT-themed art show there August 31 to September 3, helping raise awareness for the release of Andres Muschietti's IT (and if you want to learn more about the gallery, head to its official site). Ahead of the show, Warner Bros. shared this beautifully creepy piece by Jeffrey Everett, and it has us chomping at the bit to see IT... and screaming at the Losers' Club that they need to stay far away from that nightmarish abode.

The house at 29 Neibolt Street, featured in the art, holds a special significance in the story of IT. Eddie Kaspbrak first encounters the demonic creature under the stairs of the run down and abandoned abode. He later recruits the Losers' Club -- his offbeat group of outcast friends -- on a mission to return to Neibolt Street, and they encounter IT, this time in the form/shape of a werewolf. To help celebrate the release of IT, WB set up a recreation of the Neibolt House in downtown L.A., and we sent or own Eric Eisenberg to it. The video below captures what he saw.

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In the upcoming horror movie IT, seven childhood friends must band together and overcome their fears to finally confront the hideous evil that has plagued their town of Derry for centuries. The force takes on numerous shapes, but it primarily appears as a clown dubbed Pennywise. And do you know what I love most about Jeffrey Everett's wonderful painting? There is no Pennywise on it. It's about the Losers' Club, the kids who have to face their fears. And the kids are a bigger element to Stephen King's story, though they often take a backseat to the murderous clown. I get that. But not here. And that's why I really love this print.

You can buy tickets to IT right now by visiting this Web site. You can even watch it with a theater filled with clowns. The movie opens in theaters on September 8. And make sure to check out our Upcoming Releases to see all of the movies hitting theaters between now and year's end.

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