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Hurricane Harvey has been devastating to a lot of people, putting them out of their homes with nowhere to go. Luckily, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is there to try and make the experience a bit better for the kids involved. Somebody has taken on the role of Marvel's wall-crawler to visit children who are living in shelters, passing out some stickers, and just generally being there to help entertain them. Check him out in the clip below.

In this first clip, we see our Spider-Man handing out stickers and fist bumps to the kids, and even one adult, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which has been turned into a shelter for those who have needed to evacuate their homes due to the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. As the video from reporter Stef Manisero shows, everybody is excited to see Spider-Man. One child is drawn over to him in the clip above, which leads to this interaction later.

As terrible as it is to see so many people displaced by Hurricane Harvey, it's wonderful to see some people who are taking the opportunity to try and make the best of the situation. The kids have a harder time understanding what's going on and can potentially have a much more difficult time processing what has happened. Their parents now have to try to deal with the fallout of the flooding on top of everything else. Having Spider-Man put some smiles on a few kids' faces for a few minutes is probably worth a great deal to everybody involved. Everybody gets to forget their difficulties for a few minutes. That's why even dad wants a fist bump from Spider-Man.

Exactly who this guy is who's going around as Spider-Man isn't made known. In the end, it doesn't matter. Spider-Man saves the day without anybody knowing his secret identity in the comic books and at the movies. That's all this guy is doing. His secret identity is unimportant.

Spider-Man isn't the only one doing good. Thousands have donated to relief efforts in the wake of the hurricane. Whether they're giving money or time, it's great to see so many people doing something to try and help. Perhaps seeing Spider-Man in Houston will bring other superheroes to the area to give some of their time.