One Wonder Woman Scene Chris Pine And Lucy Davis Couldn't Get Through Without Laughing

etta candy and chris pine in wonder woman

When fans first went to theaters to see Wonder Woman, they got an unexpected bonus in Etta Candy, Diana Prince's hilarious helpmate and friend. Lucy Davis plays the popular and fun character, and she recently recalled with some mirth that sometimes her humor carried over into even serious scenes when the DC movie was filming. In fact, she said that she and Chris Pine had trouble filming one particular scene together--and it may not be the scene you would guess. She said:

In the alley scene, where we first see Diana do all the wrist stuff, a guy dies. The camera was on Chris and I thought to myself, 'the responsible thing to do would be to not look at him because I'm going to go [start giggling] and then he's going to go. So, I had to look down at the poor dying guy and then I had to look up at Chris, so I turned and now, he's laughing because he knows what I'm trying to do. So, of course, we looked bad finding the dying guy funny.

Per what Lucy Davis told Cosmopolitan, it was mostly her fault that she and Chris Pine had trouble repressing giggles while filming the scene in the alley. But they both looked bad, nonetheless. The scene in question was very memorable, with Diana Prince saving Steve Trevor from bullets using the armor on her wrists. At the end of the big scene, Etta Candy shows up, and apparently it was difficult to keep a straight face, despite the fact there were guys playing dead in the alley at that very moment.

If you'd like to repay that scene a visit, you can check it out, below.

Actors do get into giggle fits on sets from time to time, which is why things like blooper reels exist on DVD and Blu-ray releases. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman's big home release won't feature Chris Pine and Etta Candy laughfest. The Digital release for the Warner Bros. and DC hit is already out. There are a ton of behind-the-scenes extras with the set, and the special Etta Candy-oriented "Epilogue: Etta's Mission," which we've already written on extensively and which ties into Justice League. However, the filming moments with Steve Trevor and Etta Candy totally losing it remain the thing of storytelling.

You can catch Wonder Woman on Digital now or on Blu-ray and DVD starting on September 19. In addition, here's what all DC and Warner Bros. currently have in the works. In addition, here's what else is hitting homes this month. You can also catch Diana Prince next in Justice League, but of course without Steve Trevor or Etta Candy.

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