How Wonder Woman Will Get An Epilogue Of Sorts

After its successful theatrical run, Wonder Woman is heading onto Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in the coming weeks. The movie has been teasing this big home entertainment release over the past few days, giving us peeks at Etta Candy and a scene that will be new to the home release. And now, thanks to the latest teaser, we know the scene will be an epilogue of sorts. Take a look, below.

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The above look at the bonus scene notes the clip wasn't something we've seen in theaters. It's part of a larger scene that will feature Etta Candy meeting up with Sameer, Charlie and The Chief to plan their next mission. According to Etta Candy, there's an artifact that was found along the western Belgium front that the group has been asked to retrieve for the Americans.

But, wait, you may be asking, didn't director Patty Jenkins say say that most of the scenes that had to be tweaked in the film involved jokes and small moments? Yes, but the scene on the Blu-ray will not be a deleted scene. Instead, the Wonder Woman director told Yahoo that the idea for the epilogue came together after the making of the film and was not an idea that was shot and than later discarded.

It was conceived after we wrapped. There were no cut scenes in the movie, basically, which I'm very happy about, because you can't always do that. I'm very hard on the script before we go in, and you're always hoping for that --- that you're not wasting your precious days. We got lucky on this one, that that was the case. And every single one of us wished that Etta was in every scene, as well as the team. We were like, 'Can we just put them in everything?' They were just so great!

Honestly, knowing this add-on was created later makes it a little more exciting than the average deleted scene with a home entertainment release, as those vary in quality and length. Luckily, we don't have too wait too long to check it out.

It's hard to tell if this will lead to more side adventures for the team, but it is the sort of thing that seems ripe for exploration. For now, we'll have to wait for the upcoming Digital release to check out whether this team-up is a winner. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be releasing Wonder Woman onto Digital on Tuesday, August 29. The hard copy version on DVD and Blu-ray will be hitting shelves starting on September 19. Order your own copy here. In addition, take a look at the other big releases coming up this month.

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