After years of teases and misfires, the seemingly impossible finally happened: the long awaited reboot of The Crow finally landed a home at Sony Pictures. This obviously has many fans of the property incredibly excited about what's on the horizon for this delightfully goth, undead hero, but it also raises a brand new conversation about getting the reboot right. On that note, we have compiled a handy dandy guide for how to reset this beloved comic book property -- as well as how to avoid making it suck in the process. Without further ado, let's dive in and talk this out.

1. Shoot For An R Rating

In a certain sense, one could argue that the original Crow film was ahead of its time. The PG-13 rating has remained the bread and butter of the comic book movie genre for decades, with movies like Deadpool only recently definitively proving that a studio can produce a bonafide blockbuster with a more restrictive rating. That's the only way that a reboot of The Crow will work; it needs to have far more in common with Logan than Wonder Woman. This is a world of darkness and blood, and it centers on an undead hero who stalks the streets with knives and guns, toys with his victims (who admittedly have it coming), and heals from massive injuries in a matter of seconds -- leaving only bloodstains in his wake. To neuter the universe of The Crow would be to neuter the character; the smarter option is to keep his R-rated charm, even if it means a lower budget.

2. Use Humor (When It Works)

Of course, even if The Crow reboot embraces its dark, R-rated tone, the film should still try to have some fun along the way. Despite its gothic atmosphere and overwhelmingly grim premise, the original Crow movie is quite a bit of fun -- with plenty of humor to boot. Even in the face of his quest for justice and his murder, Eric Draven remains one of the comic book movie genre's most charming heroes to ever grace the silver screen. Remember, this is a hero whose background is in the world of performing as a heavy metal musician. He knows how to entertain an audience, which means he can keep himself animated in the face of danger. That's one of the many reasons why the original installment in this franchise works so well, and that's one of the major factors that will make the reboot succeed if (and when) it finally materializes.

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