Warning: spoilers ahead for IT. Read ahead at your own risk!

Just because a movie is scary doesn't keep it from being funny. With that in mind, Andy Muschietti's new IT adaptation is now in theaters, and while the masterful horror flick definitely delivers the thrills and scares at every possible opportunity, it also features a surprising number of funny moments that are full of heart. In honor of those moments, we have gone through and picked out some of the best of the bunch. Check out our list, and let us know what moments from IT made you laugh in the comments below!

Ben's Love of New Kids On The Block

A running gag throughout IT focuses on the fact that Ben is an avid fan of New Kids on the Block (ironic, due to his status as the new kid on the block), and his constant attempts to hide that fact, or otherwise deflect it. The film peaks with one of these jokes when Ben (unsuccessfully) tries to use his knowledge of the group to try and flirt with Beverly Marsh, and the joke pays off even further later on in the film when the rest of The Losers Club visits his room -- only for Bev to find a big New Kids on the Block poster on his door. In a horror movie filled with blood, guts, and killer clowns, it's nice to stop and make some pop culture jokes now and again.

The Losers Staring At Beverly By The Quarry

The insecurities of hormonal teenage boys are always hilarious, and IT uses that awkward phase of life to deliver some great laughs at The Losers Club's expense. Specifically, the scene in which they all go swimming and the boys cannot help but stare at Beverly Marsh as she sunbathes by the side of the water -- until she looks over and catches all of them staring like she's The Sandlot's Wendy Peffercorn. It is an adorably awkward scene that will relate to anyone who ever went through one of those phases, and it epitomizes that coming-of-age mentality that IT manages to capture so well. It does not matter how big of a game someone like Richie talks (more on that later); when they see a girl, they all freeze.

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