Georgie From IT Went To A Screening With His Yellow Raincoat On

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What is it about IT that makes it such a tasty target for freaking people out? You'd think the classic Stephen King tale about a killer clown would be scary enough on its own, but there are folks out there who are going the extra mile to make it an even creepier affair. But now we have perhaps the scariest and most head-scratching screening of them all, as Jackson Robert Scott, little Georgie Denborough himself, was spotted at a showing of the film. Even better, he was in full costume, and before you ask, yes there are photos to prove it. Take a look for yourself!

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Well, doesn't that take the cake? First there was a clown-only screening planned for IT, and then there was even a screening where one, singular, balloon-toting clown, was seen in the theater. But now, one lucky audience presumably got to watch Pennywise the Dancing Clown prey upon the younger brother of Bill Denborough, with young mister Scott sitting in the same room. Just imagine watching IT, getting really freaked out about the movie you've just watched, and as everyone's leaving the theater, you see Jackson Robert Scott exiting in the crowd. Oh, to hear the murmurs of shock coming out of that room.

Of course, some of you out there are probably worried about IT being shown to a young man of such a young age. It's a fair judgment, considering IT is a film that deals with a supernatural entity preying upon the children of a small town via its complicated sewer system. Regardless, consider the following: Pennywise is really the most intense part of the film, and considering Scott had already worked with Bill Skarsgard on those scenes for the film, the language and violent content in the rest of the film was probably a piece of cake.

Note how we said should, as there's undoubtedly still a chance that Jackson Robert Scott would be freaked out by the scenes he wasn't in. Then again, for Scott to even be able to see IT, he'd have to be accompanied by a parent or adult 25 years or older, as the Andres Muschietti directed mega-hit has the coveted R rating that films of its type usually earn. Thanks to the young actor's parents, Alamo Drafthouse's Phoenix location not only landed an Instagram win, it was probably a particularly scary screening, to boot.

Of course, there are still some ways to try and top this particularly creepy showing of IT. For instance, a theater could hire Bill Skarsgard to show up, incognito, only to walk into the front of the theater and peel out a huge, sadistic laugh as the credits conclude. Or, there could be a Pennywise impersonator hired to roam the aisles in the later weeks of IT's release, when folks are dipping in for second or third helpings. The limit only exists in the imagination of the theater promoter, and if you're one such person looking to push the limits, just keep in mind one crucial fact: the movie's pretty scary even without the young boy in a raincoat or other gimmicks.

See for yourself just how terrifying IT is, at a local theater near you. Just try not to lose it if you find a little Georgie of your own in the theater. That's what It wants.

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