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IT is about to dominate the box office for a second weekend. Reports this week indicate the movie is expected to bring in an additional $50 million during its second big outing in theaters. This is huge news. If you take the money IT made during it's first weekend, combine that with the money the flick made during the week and add in the estimated total for this weekend, IT will already be over the $200 million mark--and that's just talking how much the movie has made domestically.

The additional $50 million that IT is expected to bring in this weekend should be enough to make it the #1 movie in theaters again this weekend. In fact, it should not just charge past but should also handily beat the competition, as other movies like mother! And American Assassin are not expected to come anywhere close to IT's intake this weekend. In fact, THR notes that mother! and American Assassin are both expected to make somewhere between $12 and $15 million dollars, but the numbers could even be skewed further if more people choose to see IT.

There are actually quite a few movies made every year that need a behemoth first couple of weeks at the box office just to break even. IT is not one of those movies. Filmed on a mid-sized $35 million budget, if the Stephen King remake had made this weekend's projected $50 million during its opening weekend, it would have been seen as a hit. But it didn't make $50 million. Instead, it pulled in what was initially estimated to be $117 million and once the final numbers came in, was actually a whopping $123 million. It was truly a monster haul. We should note that this weekend's projected $50 million is a huge drop, percentage-wise from last weekend's intake, but the movie is making so much money, it shouldn't matter in the least.

After all of the worldwide totals come in, IT should be making over $300 million worldwide. Again, huge numbers for a movie that only cost $35 million to make.

As of today, IT has already made well over $151 million at the U.S. box office. Worldwide, the movie has made an additional $96.4 and will be adding to the total again this weekend, as well. We'll obviously keep you updated as this weekend's numbers start rolling in, but if you haven't managed to see IT yet, you can contribute to that monster total box office total. If that's not your cup of tea, don't forget there are other theater options out there, including the previously mentioned mother! and American Assassin, all of which are R-rated. Stay tuned in the coming months, as well, as more family friendly fare hits the schedule.

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