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The Nightmare Before Christmas is always a big part of the Halloween festivities at Disney Parks, but this year fans aren't just waiting in line to check out the updated Haunted Mansion. This season, it seems that there's something people want more than a look at the new gingerbread house. Apparently, people are waiting in line for as much as an hour in order to obtain a popcorn bucket. To be fair, it's a pretty impressive popcorn bucket, featuring Nightmare Before Christmas antagonist Oogie Boogie. Check it out.

The popcorn bucket can only be purchased at Disneyland for $15, but apparently, the item is in such high demand that Insider is reporting it's going for three times that on Ebay from people unable to stand in the hour-long line to obtain it. The bucket does glow in the dark, which is pretty cool, but ultimately, the reason the object is so sought after is that Disney fans can get incredibly passionate about their merchandise, and once the Halloween festivities end, this particular item will likely never go on sale again.

That a few people might be really big Disneyland, or Nightmare Before Christmas, fans, as to have a need to own this particular product, wouldn't be all that surprising. However, many of the actual rides at Disneyland don't see lines that are an hour long. At least when you wait in line for a ride you have that amazing Disney attention to detail that makes even the queue an interesting place to look at. Here you're just standing in line at a popcorn kiosk, and based on the design, it looks like you don't even get that much popcorn.

Earlier this year Disney fans went equally bonkers over a Beauty and the Beast themed cup. At the time it was at least somewhat understandable as there was a new movie out that certainly put people in the mood for Beauty and the Beast merchandise. In this case, however, we're dealing with a property that's nearly three decades old and hasn't seen new big screen material since then. It seems this one really stands the test of time.

Oogie Boogie has been the primary focus of the advertising campaign surrounding this year's Halloween theme at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, and that has meant that the character is all over the parks this year. In addition to being a popcorn bucket, he's also featured as part of this year's Haunted Mansion gingerbread house, which is a unique design every year.

Disneyland's Halloween themed festivities are underway now and run through October 31st itself. While the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion will hang around until the end of the Christmas season, these popcorn buckets will likely vanish once Halloween is over.