Final Justice League Trailer Is Explosive, Epic And Fun

In some ways, the final Justice League trailer can be viewed as its "first" trailer. It's the first real footage that we are getting for this highly anticipated DC superhero team up since Joss Whedon stepped in for Zack Snyder. So this is the opportunity for Warner Bros. and DC to show up any possible changes in direction, or possibly in tone. With that in mind, dig in to this latest and final extended look at Justice League, which just dropped online:

The latest Justice League trailer showed Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) recruiting members of the famed team in the wake of Superman's (Henry Cavill) death. This new trailer cleverly begins on a bait-and-switch, showing a smiling Superman -- A SMILING SUPERMAN -- standing in the corn fields of his family's Kansas abode, asking Lois Lane (Amy Adams) for her had in marriage. It's a dream sequence. But it's a pivotal scene that also shows the way forward for the DCEU. A way towards hope.

You can almost see what might have been reshot on Justice League included in this new trailer. Beyond the fact that everything looks brighter -- Ben Affleck is standing in front of several high-wattage bulbs in key scenes -- the footage features cutaways to JL Hero reaction shots that are meant to lighten the mood. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) winks at Batman in the midst of a parademon battle. They kept Aquaman's hillbilly "Yeeeaaaahhhh" bellow... easily my favorite part of this entire campaign.

And outside of the trick scene, they kept Superman out of sight -- even as they lean on the mantra of the world needing Superman:

Henry Cavill is Superman in Justice League

Finally, there is the song choice. David Bowie's "Heroes" changes the tide from earlier Justice League marketing, that relied on grungier techno takes of The Beatles' "Come Together," making for an instantly more upbeat message and sprinkling in fantastic images of the core Justice League members striking heroic poses. Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg get improved face time, though I will say, I'm still not 100% convinced what the plot of this movie is, beyond Steppenwolf coming to Earth and making it look like an Apocalyptic hell hole.

We'll know more when Justice League reaches theaters on November 17. Beyond Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder's hero team up, the DC Universe has big plans, including a Shazam movie and Wonder Woman 2, so check out our Upcoming DC Movies guide for all of the latest news and updates.

Sean O'Connell
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