One Big Challenge That Comes With Being A Movie Star, According To Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot

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If you've kept tabs on Gal Gadot during the months she was doing press for Wonder Woman, you may already know that the actress was considering quitting the biz around the time that DC came calling. It was growing hard for her to leave her family and travel back and forth between Los Angeles and Israel--especially when she kept getting turned down for big roles. Of course, now that Gal Gadot is Diana Prince, DC is keeping her pretty busy, and that comes with new challenges, namely how to balance her home life with her profession. According to Gadot,

It's one of my biggest challenges. I think that every mother who has a career can relate to it. You're always feeling guilty that you're not doing enough at home or you're not working enough on the treatment, script, whatever it is. At the end of the day, your kids join your life and you bring them here and they join your life. You're not supposed to change your life to accommodate the children.

Speaking at the 92Y in New York City over the weekend, Gal Gadot admitted that it is challenging to be both a mother and an actress. She also mentioned (via Scroll Today) that it's probably really difficult for most working women to find a balance, especially if, like her, they have kids at home. But she's had to find out for herself what works and what doesn't, even in the midst of things that are thrown at her, like Justice League reshoots. Sometimes work comes first, and sometimes she can sit back and spend time with the kids.

In a lot of ways acting seems like a fairly cushy job. It generally pays well, it comes with prestige and acknowledgement from fans, and it means that actors and actresses have the freedom to hop to different types of projects and to take some downtime when they need it. However, there are cons, too. People are often poking their noses into family life, and when an actor or actor is filming or doing press for a project, he or she can be gone from home all of the time. No job comes without a list of pros and cons, and Gal Gadot seems to know that.

But in case Gal Gadot's career aspirations seem higher than her family life, she also made it clear that her children are her priority, saying that it's fine to not have a routine, to "have a different life," provided your family is in it together. Hers certainly seems to be. When Wonder Woman first came out to successful reviews and a solid box office intake, her daughter had the following response,

All of a sudden, Alma was sitting like this next to me, looking into my eye and jumped, hugging me. And she said, 'I'm so proud of you Mommy.'

It certainly pays to be Wonder Woman. You can next catch the Amazing Amazon back in action when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, and of course, Wonder Woman 2 is already in the works. While you wait, here's what we know about the upcoming movie.

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