Bond 25 has quickly become one of the most mysterious upcoming blockbusters, and true to the nature of its central, tuxedo-clad character, the finer points of the film's development have become difficult to pin down. We know that Daniel Craig is returning, but a director has yet to be announced. Because of this, many rumors about possible filmmakers have entered the equation, such as Blade Runner 2049's Denis Villeneuve, Hell Or High Water's David McKenzie, '71's Yann Demange, and, perhaps most notably, Christopher Nolan.

The possibility of Nolan stepping behind the camera for Bond 25 has become even more plausible based off of a recent rumor floated by Hollywoodlife suggesting that he's the top choice for the job. This report already has many fans wondering if this is the right move for the Bond franchise, and as such, we have taken it upon ourselves to lay out the pros and cons of his potential involvement. With that in mind, let's dive in and talk out whether or not Nolan is the right man to bring 007 into his twenty-fifth installment.

Pro: His Knack For Spectacle Is Unmatched

James Bond movies have some of the most significant and insane stunts of any major franchise in existence, and when it comes to spectacle, there are few filmmakers with more inherent skill than Christopher Nolan. Known for his use of practical effects and stuntwork to achieve jaw-dropping moments on screen, the man has proven time and time again that he can break new ground in the world of action. From the plane hijacking in The Dark Knight Rises to the spinning hallway fight in Inception, Nolan would nail the larger set pieces.

Con: He's Not Great At Filming Smaller Action Scenes

Despite Christopher Nolan's ability to bring some spectacular large-scale set pieces to life, he has developed a reputation as someone slightly less adept at smaller fight sequences. The Dark Knight trilogy is full of these moments, as much of the fight choreography is pretty sloppy. That's important to note because the Bond franchise isn't just about explosions; some of the best scenes involve Bond grappling with an opponent in a small room. If Nolan does sign on for Bond 25, then he will need to work on his ability to show a character throw a clean punch.

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