The Cool Batman V Superman Detail That Was Just Introduced In The Comics

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Knightmare outfit

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has some moments that really work well, and quite a few of them come from Ben Affleck's portrayal of Gotham's Dark Knight himself. Now, as of today, one of them has become official comics canon. If you are one of the fans who happens to be in love with Batfleck's costuming from the "Knightmare" sequence of the Zack Snyder's team-up, then rejoice, as it has been brought to four-paneled life in this week's issue.

Batman #33 is a pretty big issue, as it's the start of a new story arc that sees Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman, embarking on their greatest adventure: being an engaged couple. And part of that metaphorical journey is the very physical feat of crossing a desert on horseback. Sure enough, the costume that Batman is wearing during this sequence is a reversal of typical comic / movie protocol, as something that's originated in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has found itself being adapted into comic lore. You can take a look at the end result for yourself, in a portion of the issue's cover, shared below.

Batman #33 Knightmare outfit on horseback

The circumstances for the comic debut of the costume worn by Ben Affleck in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice are pretty cool. In the sequence dubbed "Knightmare", Bruce Wayne has a rather traumatic dream that Superman has become a villainous presence in the DC Extended Universe. This event also takes place in a desert, but instead of couple's bonding time, Bruce Wayne sees his ass handed to him as Superman's shock troops subvert his quest for Kryptonite, and eventually lead to the last son of Krypton caving in the chest of the billionaire playboy and general bad ass.

As far as the costume itself goes, the Knightmare outfit from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a pretty sweet look for Batman. It's a cross between the usual tactical look that the DC Comics hero sports, while adding a bit of a post-apocalyptic tinge with the duster and protective goggles that Bruce Wayne wears over his usual gear. Though even in the context of what we've seen from Batman #33 (via CBR), wearing a duster in the middle of the desert does help protect the Batsuit from any unwanted damage by sandstorms or exposure to sand in general. The only downside would be the fact that this must make traveling in the desert even hotter for Batman, leaving us to hope that there's a proper ventilation system in his suit.

Seeing a part of the DCEU film canon become part of the comic canon is pretty awesome, especially when it's something that really worked in the context of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here's hoping that there's something equally excellent awaiting us all in Justice League that's just begging to be adapted to the pages of DC Comics' various properties. We'll find out when the film debuts in theaters November 17th. You can pre-order tickets for that movie, now.

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