The horror genre is one of the oldest styles of film in existence, and scream queens have been a fundamental aspect of that genre ever since its inception -- even dating back to the silent era when the screams couldn't even be heard. Also known as "final girls," these women are the heroines who often stand their ground in the face of danger to become just as iconic as the evil chasing them. With Halloween right around the corner, it feels like there's no better time to dive in and give them the credit they deserve.

On that note, we have compiled a list of 13 of the most iconic and beloved scream queens in the history of the horror genre to see which of them would last the longest in a competitive, Hunger Games-esque horror scenario. Taking all of the evidence into account, let's dive in and kick things off with the first woman on the (literal) chopping block.

13. Marion Crane - Psycho

Threat Level: Psychopath motel owner with mommy issues

Poor Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). All she wanted to do was steal $40,000 from her boss and start a new life for herself. Alas, she stopped at the remote Bates Motel after growing tired on the road, and ultimately was far too trusting of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). Though Marion eventually managed to catch on to the fact that something did not feel quite right at the Bates household up the hill, she was not discerning enough to leave the moment things seemed off. She was arguably the first ever slasher movie heroine, and she barely made it halfway through the movie. Lesson learned: stay out of the shower at creepy motels.

12. Jess Bradford - Black Christmas

Threat Level: A mysterious, knife-wielding maniac hiding in a sorority house attic

Black Christmas' Jess Bradford (Olivia Hussey) will last a little longer than Marion Crane because she is at least discerning enough to know when something is clearly wrong in her sorority house. Unwilling to treat her frequent prank calls and disappearing sisters as a joke, the co-ed at the very least knows she's in a horror movie by the end of the film. However, despite her awareness of what's going on around her, Jess makes several fatal errors during the climax of Black Christmas -- including staying in the house when she should very obviously leave, being suspicious of the wrong person, and going into the basement. She'd likely lose her life early on.

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