John Boyega Shared A Fun Look At Filming Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We are a little over a month a way from what is inarguably the biggest movie of the year, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As we inch closer to the new flick, we're getting to see more footage as well as more behind-the-scenes looks at the massively anticipated film. Finn himself, John Boyega recently shared a new look at his character from an on set photo. Check it out, below.

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According to John Boyega's Instagram post, this is a 'typical Monday.' This lucky guy. Lay back, take a siesta in a 1960-looking space suit, and pretend to act like you are asleep while filming a movie in the biggest franchise ever. Not bad. As a huge Star Wars fan, John Boyega seems to really relish the whole experience of making these films. Just being a part of it is amazing but being able to share some of your experience and give little teases to the fans has to heighten the experience. We've already seen this scene in video footage for Star Wars: The Last Jedi from a different angle, but it is always cool to see how it looked on set with a layer of the fantasy removed.

This shot is likely from early in the movie, as Finn didn't find himself in the best place at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some goth kid with daddy issues sliced open his spine with a jagged-edged lightsaber and then he got friend-zoned and ditched by the girl he liked. Rough month. But Finn appears to be on the mend. He seems to be in some sort of bubble-headed healing suit. It's interesting that they are using this instead of the kind of bacta tank that Luke once healed in. Although thirty-plus years have passed, so you would hope that technology has advanced a little bit, even if the First Order keeps saying, 'what if we make it bigger?'

Judging by the trailers, this healing apparatus will have him fully healed and back in action pretty quickly. We know that Finn will be going on some kind of undercover mission and having a heated one-on-one conversation with his former employer. While Luke and Rey are off discussing moral complexity and the merits of organized religion, perhaps Finn and Poe will continue their bromance on a mission of their own. And Finn may get over Rey pretty quickly when Kelly Marie Tran's Rose enters the story, as many have speculated she will be a romantic interest for Finn.

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