The Final Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Is Full Of Sex And Stalking

Nothing is ever exactly as it seems in the world of Fifty Shades. The first trailer for the upcoming third movie in the franchise explores the idea of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey getting married. However, while the latest trailer for the new movie does touch on the wedding celebration, we get far more from the aftermath. Although a vacation is involved, there's also a clear villain in Fifty Shades Freed and we get our first look at Ana with a gun and more. As well as plenty of steamy sex scenes, of course. You can take a look at the final Fifty Shades Freed trailer, below.

There are a lot of shots from Fifty Shades Freed that are reminiscent of a Bond movie, which is a bit of a departure for the franchise as a whole. During the second Fifty Shades movie, Anastasia Steele dealt with a stalker of sorts, but this time we get to see Christian Grey walking on the beach, shirtless, in a very Bond-esque moment before the two seemingly get involved in a high stakes car chase. (Again Bond-like). Eric Johnson is back on board to play the now-very-real villain James Hyde in the new movie, and we get a good look at him in the trailer, as well.

Jack in fifty shades freed

When last we saw Jack, he was Ana's boss at Seattle Independent Publishing. He used his power there to corner Ana a few times and openly hit on her, a fact which Christian Grey did not like. Grey eventually bought the publishing company and had Jack fired. As the trailer shows, she's getting an office and a big promotion in Fifty Shades Freed, and it looks like Jack won't like that at all. In fact, it looks like he's going to become pretty violent.

If you've read the books you already know where Fifty Shades Freed is going, and the stakes definitely rise in E.L. James' popular book series once Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele tie the knot. So far, there aren't any plans to tell further stories in the Fifty Shades universe, but as the flicks have been pretty popular--especially compared to their budgets--perhaps Fifty Shades will venture away from the book universe in the future.

For now, Fifty Shades Freed is expected to hit theaters on Valentine's Day and it's currently running with the tagline, "Don't miss the climax," which is, well, fitting. As this is the final trailer, according to Universal, it could be a while before we see more footage from the flick. In the meantime, you can see everything coming up in 2018 with our full movies schedule, or check out the first trailer for the film.

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