Watch The Trailer For Jimmy Kimmel And J.J. Abrams' Hilarious Comic Book Movie Idea

It is no secret that many kids love superheroes. They are a perfect platform for a young, creative mind, and it's not uncommon to see children attempt to make comic book heroes of their very own. As it turns out, that is precisely what Jimmy Kimmel did with a homemade comic called The Terrific Ten when he was 9 years old, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams recently interrupted Kimmel's Justice League interview with Ben Affleck to debut the first official trailer for The Terrific Ten movie. Check out the segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live below.

That is about as low-budget as superhero movie trailers get (despite Abrams' claim of a $250 million budget), but it's definitely a star-studded affair to help honor Jimmy Kimmel on his fiftieth birthday. Starring Ben Affleck as Muscle Man (maybe this is what he plans to leave Batman for), the "trailer" features numerous well-known comedic performers like Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, and Modern Family's Ty Burrell in an Avengers/Justice League-esque team-up film. Along the way, we get some pretty awesome (or awful?) catchphrases like "release the quacken," and "color me ready." Remember, a child supposedly wrote this.

The entire affair plays out like a child's dream until everyone involved starts to bicker and fight. Eventually, they all realize how stupid many of their abilities really are, and they end the whole thing by aiming their anger and frustration at Kimmel himself.

And of course, because this is a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, there's only one actor who could play The Terrific Ten's main villain. Rounding out the cast is none other than Jason Bourne actor/Jimmy Kimmel's arch nemesis, Matt Damon, as Dr. Bolt.

Matt Damon Dr. Bolt

This trailer may be fake, but oddly enough, it does cut to the core of what's been working in the realm of superhero films lately. Thor: Ragnarok has dominated the box office for the last two weekends, and director Taika Waititi has not shied away from the fact that he considers the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure a comedy. Similarly, early critical responses to Justice League have widely praised the lighter tone, which generally seems like an indication that many audiences want more fun and humor in their comic book movies. There's no way of knowing if The Terrific Ten could ever become a real film, but its emphasis on fun means the time may actually be right for it.

For now, you can catch Ben Affleck (and Billy Crudup, who stars as Henry Allen) in Justice League, which opens in theaters this weekend. Get your tickets for the DC team-up film now, and check out our handy Justice League guide to keep yourself up-to-date with everything that you need to know about the blockbuster.

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