Which Villains Should Be In DC's Cyborg Movie, According To Ray Fisher

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When compared to heroes like Batman or Superman, Cyborg doesn't have the deepest roster of bad guys to pull from. This is primarily because he's a relatively more recent creation in the DC Comics realm. That said, the tech-based hero will make his official DCEU debut this weekend when Justice League premieres, and Vic Stone actor Ray Fisher already has an idea in his mind for the character's solo movie. Specifically, he wants to see Cyborg face off against The Phantom Limbs. Ray Fisher explained:

With this kind of story, I'd love to see it be a little bit more intimate, a little bit more specific to Cyborg. There is a sort of Cyborg special that they had done years ago where he fights a group called Phantom Limbs, which is this mercenary group of cybernetically-enhanced individuals who are very much like him. I think seeing him take on people who have similar abilities but [are] a much more finely-tuned group of warriors -- seeing how that all would turn out, I think would be really special.

Ray Fisher made these comments during a recent appearance on Popcorn Talk, and he may be on to something there. The Phantom Limbs are a group of cybernetically-enhanced supersoldiers who, much like Cyborg, utilize high-tech prosthetics to replace limbs lost in combat. However, unlike Cyborg, they are highly-trained in combat and considerably more lethal. On that note, they're also known as a group who, if left unchecked, could do some severe damage to other corners of the rest of the DC universe.

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It's certainly refreshing to learn that Ray Fisher wants to battle The Phantom Limbs because they're so uniquely-suited for Cyborg to fight. By his very nature, Cyborg is the most well-suited member of the Justice League to go up against the type of enemy. This could lead to a smaller scale conflict than we're used to seeing in superhero movies and provide a logical explanation as to why other members of the League don't drop by to lend a hand.

Of course, this is all contingent upon whether or not the Cyborg solo movie is still even happening. Vic Stone's solo film was dated for a 2020 release during the early stages of the DCEU, but there have been some significant changes behind the scenes in recent months. With so many other projects currently in development (such as Chris McKay's Nightwing movie, Joss Whedon's Batgirl movie and Flashpoint, just to name a few) we still don't know if this is on the docket. That said, if the film does eventually come together, then The Phantom Limbs could represent a great personal conflict for Cyborg to go up against.

Cyborg will make his full debut into the DC Extended Universe this weekend when Zack Snyder's Justice League hits theaters. Get your tickets for the long-awaited blockbuster now, and make sure to glance at CinemaBlend's handy Justice League guide so you can get yourself up-to-date on everything that you need to know about the film before it premieres.

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