The following contains major spoilers for Justice League.

DC's big superhero team-up is finally here, and it's fairly impressive all things considered. We had a lot of questions about what was next for the DC universe following the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while Justice League certainly answers some of them, there are some that were left alone, never mind a host of entirely new questions that have now popped up.

Considering that this was our first chance to look at several new heroes, we're certainly curious about how they'll be used going forward, and we're already looking forward to the next entries in the franchise. Here are the big lingering questions left behind by Justice League.


What's going on with Cyborg and his Dad?

Cyborg and his father have a pretty strained relationship throughout Justice League. While Victor's dad saved his life, Victor isn't entirely happy about what was necessary for that to happen. Victor hasn't forgiven his father by the end of the film, any attempt at reconciliation postponed thanks to Steppenwolf, though we do see the pair of them smiling together during the montage ending of the movie. Have these two put everything behind them, or will Cyborg's issues with his father continue on throughout the future of these DC films?

Wonder Woman

Will Wonder Woman Replace Batman?

Batman is the de facto leader of this initial Justice League team, and while the film already implies that this older Batman might not hang around for too long, the person who might take over as team leader seems a bit surprising. One might expect that the returning Superman would be the obvious choice, yet the film has Batman clearly talking to Diana about taking over as the leader when he eventually moves on. We don't know when we'll even see another Justice League movie, but even by then, this team could be following somebody new.


Is Darkseid Coming?

Ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we knew there was a larger alien threat coming to Earth. While that took the form of Steppenwolf in Justice League, many assumed he was simply the first wave, and that Darkseid wouldn't be far behind him. While Steppenwolf does use that name at one point in Justice League, it's a passing reference that is never brought up again. While the film does tease a future battle for the Justice League, it doesn't seem to actually tease this one. Is this the end of that storyline, or is Darkseid playing a much longer game?

Lex Luthor

What Movie is the End Credits Scene Actually Teasing?

While we were all ready to see Darkseid in the end credits to tease the next big movie, that isn't what we got. Instead, the post-credits sequence included a newly free Lex Luthor talking to Deathstroke about forming a team of their own to battle the Justice League. This would seem to imply that the next big battle for our heroes won't be against Darkseid, but instead against the Legion of Doom or the Injustice League. It's pretty much the last thing we expected and feels like a complete shift from the direction the movie was going.

Green Lantern Corps

Why Didn't the Lanterns Come Back?

During an early flashback sequence in Justice League we get our first, albeit brief, look at the Green Lantern Corps, they came Earth millennia ago to help fight off Steppenwolf's first attack. So where were they this time? Surely the intergalactic police force knew what was happening, it's their job to know. And if the Amazon's had a way of signaling men of the invasion, wouldn't they have some way of contacting the Lanterns too? It would have been nice if they could have spared the local Lantern at least to help in the fight.


Is Superman Ok?

Superman makes his not unexpected return in Justice League, and while things are a little touch and go there at the beginning, he seems to recover from his initial shock and returns to being his normal, if slightly wooden, self. But did he really recover that quickly? Wonder Women seems seriously concerned that Supes might come back with some serious problems, and just because he seems ok now, doesn't mean that he'll remain so long term. Perhaps Superman will have some things to deal with, or others will need to deal with him, in future films.


Will Any Of This Be Important In Aquaman?

The next entry in the DC universe films comes next year with the Aquaman movie. The film certainly info dumped us with a lot of detail about the character's standing and family within Atlantis, and everything we know about the story implies that's the sort of material the standalone film will be dealing with. Of course, since we really don't know much else that's planned beyond Wonder Woman 2, if that film doesn't follow up on some of this material it could be years before that actually happens.

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