The following contains major spoilers for Justice League.

DC's big superhero team-up is finally here, and it's fairly impressive all things considered. We had a lot of questions about what was next for the DC universe following the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while Justice League certainly answers some of them, there are some that were left alone, never mind a host of entirely new questions that have now popped up.

Considering that this was our first chance to look at several new heroes, we're certainly curious about how they'll be used going forward, and we're already looking forward to the next entries in the franchise. Here are the big lingering questions left behind by Justice League.

What's going on with Cyborg and his Dad?

Cyborg and his father have a pretty strained relationship throughout Justice League. While Victor's dad saved his life, Victor isn't entirely happy about what was necessary for that to happen. Victor hasn't forgiven his father by the end of the film, any attempt at reconciliation postponed thanks to Steppenwolf, though we do see the pair of them smiling together during the montage ending of the movie. Have these two put everything behind them, or will Cyborg's issues with his father continue on throughout the future of these DC films?

Will Wonder Woman Replace Batman?

Batman is the de facto leader of this initial Justice League team, and while the film already implies that this older Batman might not hang around for too long, the person who might take over as team leader seems a bit surprising. One might expect that the returning Superman would be the obvious choice, yet the film has Batman clearly talking to Diana about taking over as the leader when he eventually moves on. We don't know when we'll even see another Justice League movie, but even by then, this team could be following somebody new.

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